My early years in the Akisanmi family were filled with unforgettable experiences. From the time I wounded my sister’s ear when I was 18 months old to the the time I swallowed 10 valium10 tablets when I was 14 years old, my early years was nothing short of adventurous. Although the word "troublesome" seemed to be anonymous with my name, at one point I concluded I must have inherited the adventurous genes.

Because of the troublesome track record of events I had accumulated at home, whenever we needed to ask Dad for some luxurious necessities (e.g. Mr Biggs snacks, Father Christmas visits, etc), we knew the best person to send to my dad for such a request: my sister. Although I have 3 wonderful sisters, one seemed to have won Dad’s heart the most. Like Joseph, she was – at that time to me – dad’s favourite child. Usually her requests were granted because she was theFather’sFavourite. She pleased our father so much that he was willing to grant her the desires of her heart, even the ones he knew were for other people.

I’m much older now and realize that my parents actually LOVED all of us EQUALLY though they were not EQUALLY PLEASED with all of us. Having children has made me also understand how it is possible to love a child but be displeased with his/her actions. Sometimes the other children might be jealous of theFather’sFavourite but its sometimes difficult to blame the father for having a "favourite". Even Jesus had a favourite.

It seems possible therefore that though our heavenly Father has PLENTY children, He isn’t PLEASED with them all. Many times what pleases our Father isn’t always easy to do but our deepest level of fulfillment & highest level of success comes from DOING makes Him smile. It is usually then that He gives us beyond the things that we ask or think of. For example, I strongly believe that if someone wins a soul for Christ or deliberately preaches the message of Christ, the Father is more PLEASED with him than someone who doesn’t bother about such. But hey, what do I know.

In 2016, join me on this adventure. An adventure of living a life of asking on behalf of others, a life of interceding for others, a life that will make others grateful that I’m alive. Join me on my quest not just to be one of the many "children" of God; join me on my quest to be theFather’sFavourite.