“Daaaaadddddyyyyyyyyy, Daaaaadddddyyyyyyyyyy, Daaaaadddddyyyyyyyyyy….”

That was the chorus I had gotten accustomed to hearing from my youngest DAUGHTER: Ebenezer. Her level of excitement whenever she discovered that my voice was behind the door was elating. Each time I heard her one-word musical chorus, I smiled and wished that I had the world to give her. 

It happened that one of those days after welcoming me, she started removing my shoes and socks and started massaging my feet. I felt LOVED. It felt Good. My wife noticed what she was doing and scolded her to stop it. “Is He Your HUSBAND”, she asked. Sensing what I interpreted to be jealousy in my wife’s tone, I smiled. 

“Since I’ve been sitting here, you’ve not removed my shoes &  socks to give me a massage & yet you’re stopping someone who is……let her alone”, I kidded. Her response: “So you’re Jesus now abi”. We both laughed. 

The massage continued. Ebenezer’s muscle therapy was her little way of saying she had missed me and wanted to spend time with me while simultaneously giving me something she felt I needed. I thought that was thoughtful. And then my thoughts drifted to my “supposed” relationship with the one I called Lord & Saviour. Was it possible that I no longer was as excited about His presence the way my daughter’s excitement shot up each time she saw me? Was it possible that I no longer massaged his heart & made him feel the way Ebenezer made me feel good? Was it possible that each time others were excited about his presence, I was anxious about my problems? I felt in my heart as though He were asking me these questions. I didn’t know what to answer. 

If only I could cherish his presence more than I thought about my challenges…. If only I could massage his feet the way the biblical ex-demon-possessed lady did…..  If only I could soothe his heart in a manner that will make him smile whenever he heard my voice…. If only I could give him the Ebenezery massage…. Perhaps only then will he gladly open my eyes to the multitude of blessings that are for me in His care. 

If only Seun Akisanmi’s heart will truly be like that of a little child, only then will the fullness of the KINGDOM be mine.