If Only A Benz Will Jam Me!

Truth is, you will not believe I prayed that prayer more than once as a teenager. I was young, ignorant and stupid. I was a teenager whose perspective to life was warped. I was influenced by my classmates need to be cool. I mean Damilola, Rotimi, Tunde, Lanre, Augustine, Olumide, Wale, and Samuel were cool. Why can’t Seun be cool like them.

Those were a list of some of the coolest classmates in my secondary school. They did interesting things that was considered cool then, but now I know them to be uncool, sorry, STUPID. Some even went as far as stealing their parents savings or cars and absconding. I desperately wanted to be cool like them.

I wanted to have a girlfriend badly. I mean why won’t Bukola Elegbeleye or Lisa Aradeon get the clues I was sending them. I wanted to be able to say THAT’S MY BABE. I wanted to be able to say that I HAD SEX WITH 5 GIRLS AT THE PARTY LAST WEEK.

But that mindset was wrong. Now I know better. Can you imagine me thinking that it is better to be hit by a Mercedes Benz car than to be hit by a danfo or motorcycle. Somewhere in my head, I felt that when I landed in the hospital, I would be pampered with beverages and goodies by the rich owner of the Benz that hit me. Of course now I know that thinking to be unwise, sorry, FOOLISH.

Let’s be frank, you’ve had foolish thoughts and prayer points like the one I had in my teenage years. The sad thing is that some of us still have foolish, stupid, unhealthy, and unrealistic ideas. I mean, how can you think that marriage will make you happy. How can you think that once you make $1 billion, you’ll be free of troubles. Ask Jeff Bezos (the richest man in the world) about the marital troubles he’s experiencing now. How can you think that the election of this man or that woman as our next president will bring an end to the poverty you’re experiencing. Especially when you’re not even giving yourself the right self-education on what it takes to be financially literate. How can you think that because he has six packs and six figures-salary, he will have a sixth sense or be a great husband. How can you think that because she speaks in tongues and attends church programs 8 days a week, she will be a wonderful wife material. How can you think that it will be better for a Benz to hit you than for a bike to hit you.

The funny thing is that many of us are not even aware of the wrong-mindsets we’re presently hanging on to and foolishly blaming the devil for our woes. Anyway, what do I even know especially since I was once (& probably still am) in the shoes of a foolish man.

Consequently this year, I plan to rid myself of a mindset & lifestyle that may be detrimental to my mind and body. I plan to be deliberate about those I spend my time with. I plan to be deliberate about the people I consider role-models and mentors. I plan to be deliberate about the books I read and people I follow even on social media. I plan to be able to say at the end of this year or the next or the next….. that once I was blind, but now I can see.

I rest my case.


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