Sometime in February, I was on the phone with one of my very few close friends scolding her on the multi-level procrastinatory habits she had recently developed. You see, for the very few people that I consider to be my friends, I really try my best to ensure they’re on par with as much of the business information I think I have amassed over the years. Better yet, I want them implementing the information and consequently getting results that would even be better than whatever I have gotten thus far.

10+ minutes into the scolding session, Grace interrupts me and blurted out words that seemed to leave me dead on the track: SEUN, YOU’RE GOING TO BE VERY RICH. She explained further that the level of hustling and hardwork that I put into my hustling and hardwork almost always results in making anyone RICH. She mentioned how I do not seem to give up even if I have been on the floor 7 times and how I always seem to keep dreaming and working towards the dream and how I always seem to want to share with other people the little I know and how I always want others to be as great as I think I am or even greater and how I….. She was convincing and it got me thinking.

Truth is, many times I don’t see myself in the same light as others see me. Interestingly enough, I didn’t even think I’m as BIG as many of my few friends think I am. But when Grace muttered those words, I found myself subtly thanking God for being surrounded by people that seem to see my potentials beyond what my myopic vision sometimes see even though she has a small issue seeing herself as great as I think she is.

And so I called her 2 days ago to tell her that the prophecy she unconsciously consciously muttered 2 months ago had started manifesting in my subconscious and reality 2 days ago. Now I think I believe the words she pronounced that faithful day. Now I know I’m going to be be RICH. No, it isn’t just about money. It’s more about influence…..and money of course. I’m going to be RICH by the time I’m done impacting this world with whatever little creative contribution I’m bringing to the table. I’m going to be RICH because of the way I’m being deliberate about ensuring that the people that are close to me have one reason or the other to say my name from the depths of their hearts: OLUWASEUN. I’m going to be RICH because the culmination of all my habits and implementation of all my plans with God’s help will only result in one RESULT. I’m going to be RICH because prophet GRACE says so.

Besides the fact that I’ve concluded that POVERTY is indeed a BASTARD, people like me that dream big and put all their being into ensuring that their dreams and the dreams of as many people as possible are fulfilled…. People like me, Seun Akisanmi, deserve to be stinkingly RICH. And it’s not so that I can buy different models of BMWs or have different houses in different locations. It’s because, it’s easier to impact your world if you are loaded financially. Money is indeed a defence.

Enough of my bragging tonight. Get a copy of my book – TEARS OF A HUNGRY NIGERIAN ENTREPRENEUR – and let me know if you wholeheartedly agree with Grace that I’m indeed going to be very RICH. (The book is available on or or just holla at me.)