(This post was initially written & shared on April 19, 2016 but it is important to read it again so as to fully grasp the next post that will follow soon)

So I was in the mall some days ago window-shopping to inspire myself. I spent about 5 minutes roaming the car park as if in search of a loved one. Alas, I discovered that I was indeed unconsciously in search of a loved one.

My heart stopped at the sight of a beauty I had only dreamt of. I was afraid to move closer & touch: a BMW 750i. This was the closest I’ve been to such a beauty in years. The driver was maneuvering the beastly-beauty for a perfect park. I waited in awe as if my long lost prodigal son had returned. Who could be driving MY car, I wondered.

I waited and watched the 60-seconds attempt to park MY car. Finally the driver came out and I was surprised to see that its an acquaintance of mine that owns the car. I mean, what are the chances that I’ll meet someone I know well driving a N30 million+ luxurious necessity. We chatted as if it was 10 years we met last. Before we parted ways I made it a point of contact to shake his hand. To him it was a normal farewell shake. To me, it was a way of saying “soon & very soon…..”

I was encouraged. I was inspired. Inspired that what seems to be a dream is coming closer and closer to reality. Yes, I know its just a car. That’s what people say until they test drive it. For you it could be passion for impacting lives. It could be a desire to educate 2 million girls. It could be a dream to open & run the first free hospital in Nigeria. Whatever it is, if only we can hang on further, our dreams will come true. For in the fulfillment of such dreams lies the inspiration many will need to move on or hang in there.

Keep dreaming
Keep believing
Keep working
& very soon that BMW 750i will come to pass