I would understand if you procrastinate in reading this short one. I would. Most of us do it everyday. But I think this is important. Stop procrastinating on doing the needful.

So last week Thursday, a company I work for decided to sponsor someone to a conference abroad that will happen this week. I was asked to recommend someone that will appreciate the conference the most and come back to be a better asset to the organization. Almost without fasting and prayer, I knew the right 2 people for the job. I quickly contacted each one with the hope of getting enough info to elimate one. I was sad. I was upset. NONE OF THEM HAD INTERNATIONAL PASSPORTS. Not that they could not afford it. But they had procrastinated on getting one. They both felt that since the former passport had expired without being used, they didn’t need to waste money to renew it. But they both had goals to travel abroad for educational purposes. The first one even wrote it as a goal to visit 5 countries this year. But wait o, how can you visit 5 countries this year and not have enough faith to speedily have your passport ready. Are you Queen Elizabeth that doesn’t need a passport to travel? ARE YOU?

Forgive my manners. I procrastinated in greeting you good morning. But beyond my greeting, I hope you get the message: STOP THE PROCRASTINATION. You’ve gotten the prophecy to minister to the nations but you’ve not gotten your international passport. You’ve seen yourself talking to large audiences but you’ve not published that your goose-pimples story to sell at the end of the talk. You’ve seen yourself doing business with international companies but you’ve not open a domiciliary account for $, £ & €. You see yourself getting married but you haven’t bought your wedding gown. You like that babe but you’re being shy in declaring your manifesto. (Babe, it’s OK to tell him you like him also o). You see yourself having a child but you haven’t gotten the child’s clothes. You get the picture. Stop PROCRASTINATING TODAY & take action steps of faith that will make God impressed enough to tell angel Gabriel to provide the opportunity that will make your goal of visiting 5 countries a reality before the end of 2019.

Enough said. Let me go and sin no more.