On my recent educational trip outside Nigeria, I met a lady whose actions catapulted me into a level of inspirational thinking that I haven’t experienced in a long while. Meet Gabrielle, a lady in her twenties who happened to be lodged in the same complex I found myself in.

A few days ago, I woke up to take a stroll around the lodge in an attempt to indirectly source for something inspiring via meditation. I didn’t have to wait for long before Gabrielle came out from her room for what seemed to be her usual morning exercise routine. I watched her as she seemed to lift weights that were invisible. I watched her as she seemed to do pushups as if someone was sitting on her back. And the height of it was when I watched her as she began skipping with what seemed like invisible ropes. In my entire life, I had never ever ever ever ever seen someone skip without a skipping rope. NEVER. If I was looking for a manager to run my business in that country, I would probably not hesitate considering her as a potential candidate.

I could have sworn that she skipped for what seemed like 5 minutes or more. Or maybe it was 5 hours. It really seemed like a long time. All I know is that she was sweating profusely by the time she was done with her exercise routine. At that moment of witnessing her skip without a rope, I remembered a friend of mine who recently gave me her own genuine reasons for not being able to skip at home. She exclaimed that the ceiling in her house was quite low and the ceiling fans will be a significant interference while she skips. Well, all of a sudden that seemed to me like a silly excuse now. Silly because I was witnessing someone – who either could not afford a skipping rope or forgot hers somewhere – skip without a rope.

It was obvious that Gabrielle was determined to keep fit no matter what and the absence of a rope will not deter her from that lofty but achievable goal. And that got me thinking. It got me really thinking.

How many silly, sorry, stupid excuses have I been giving myself for not attempting or achieving the goals that has been set before me. Is it indeed possible to start with what I have instead of praying and fasting for N20 million capital so I can buy the camera that TY Bello has for me to start my photography business? Is it possible for me to be creatively different in my approach to dealing with my tendency for procrastinating because I DO NOT HAVE A SKIPPING ROPE. Is it possible to skip with imaginary ropes and still end up achieving my fitness goals? Is it possible to start with the rod in my hand and hope that God will send me an Aaron shortly after to assist my destiny? Is IT POSSIBLE?

I was inspired to take actions in the relevant areas of my life. And even though our mind is wired by default to give an excuse, I will strive to be like my elder brother who always seems to find a way when there seems to be no way.

You know yourself. You know what to do. Go and sin no more & begin skipping without a skipping rope.