It happened 32 years ago. Or is it 33 years? I may have to confirm from my dad. But for the sake of this writeup, let’s stick to 32 years ago. I was still a child, innocent in many ways & foolish in a few other ways. My parents had taken us all for a family retreat to the beach and it would turn out to be one that would be etched in my memory forever.

While attempting to swim by the boundary of the ocean waters, a strong current swooped over me and washed me to the shore. By the time I regained my footing, I discovered that the water had removed my swim shorts and swept it back into the ocean.

I was determined to bring back the green & purple shorts that was my joy and pride amidst all my clothing. I was not about to let the waters win easily. I was barely in the water to attempt to look for my swim shorts when I heard the sternness of my father’s voice: SEUN, GET BACK HERE!

Although that was the last time I saw my swim shorts, I don’t think I would have been able to get it back if I had followed the waters. Infact, there was a 99.999999999% probability that I would have died in the Atlantic Ocean especially when you consider the fact that I could not swim. But for my father’s voice I heard that Saturday afternoon…..

32 years later, I’m reminded of that event and grateful for the new meaning it has in my heart. If I had not hearkened to a father’s voice, I would have lost my life searching for what could easily have been replaced by the same father who gave it to me as a gift. I realize that though I may have lost much in the Atlantic ocean of life, I would do better to hearken to the Father’s voice and get back to Him & not attempt to retrieve what He can easily replace.

Sometimes we spend our lives, time & money searching for things that could easily end our lives though they’re good. If only we would hearken to the FATHER’s voice & get back to HIM, HE has much more in store for us. No, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be like Abraham who gathered his household army to rescue his relative, Lot. I’m saying we should be OPEN-MINDED & alert enough to hear HIM when HE tells us to separate from Lot because HE has a better lot (pun intended) for us.

But more importantly, I think this memory was resuscitated because a Heavenly FATHER is shouting sternly words that my earthly father shouted 32 years ago: GET BACK HERE. This may not be for you but I think I hear HIM telling ME those exact same words: SEUN, GET BACK HERE!