I remember things. Plenty things. Sometimes it’s a good thing to remember things. Sometimes it’s not too good to dig up some memories. Memories like the first prank I remember ever executing in my life. I was barely 17 months old. My sister was just born. And….. You know what, let’s leave that gist for another day. Meanwhile, if you feel you need to work on your memory so that you can recall ALL the numbers on your phone contacts – & trust me, it’s possible – or anything relating to your career, life or relationships, just do yourself an eternal favour and get a copy of THE MEMORY BOOK by Harry Lorayne & Jerry Lucas. Trust me, you’ll share the testimony at Shiloh 2019 and even Angel Gabriel & Michael will be clapping from on high and smiling from ear to ear.

But wait a second, or is it a minute. The koko of today’s gist isn’t about what transpired on March 29, 1980. Neither is it about me just recommending a book that has made people think that I’m a genius (or am I?). Today’s gist is about a 9 year old lady that approached me on July 7 at approximately 9:55am.I had just finished teaching my class of 8-9yr old when this embodiment of God’s intelligence & creativity approached me to ask a personal question: HOW DO I TOLERATE MY FAMILY WHEN THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND ME AT ALL?

I was taken aback. If only you know the questions that get hurled at me by those kids. Some days I just want to quit being their teacher and just sit and be their student. And so it happened that for the next 26.5 seconds after the question of the century, I was speechless. Not the Michael Jackson kind of speechless. But….you get my drift. So truth be told, at this very point, this very very very exact moment gangan, I do not remember the response I gave her. But I remember she seemed pleased and satisfied after I answered her.

7 days later, I would later discover that this young girl had the gift of being able to create beats that sounded like the creations of Don Jazzy or Timbaland. Was it possible that she was so musically inclined but the parents don’t seem to be seeing it. Was it possible that their expectations of her were not in alignment with her God-given talent, gift and purpose? Is it possible that they want her to be a photographic TY Bello when she is destined to create heavenly beats for the next Mercy Chinwo. Is it possible that we don’t even understand our children and are too busy to address it or too proud to admit it. Is it possible that we are training fishes to learn how to climb trees instead of being better swimmers. IS IT POSSIBLE?

I found myself at a conundrum when that young lady asked that question. I realized that it is a situation that warrants more than just frustratingly muttering the words MAY GOD HELP US. We need to start researching and doing our best to get the right knowledge to help prevent countless children from asking sometimes-clueless outsiders that dreaded question.

I recently did an audit of my library and realized the reason why I had recently failed in some of my relationships. I realized that I had over 500 books on PHOTOGRAPHY & BUSINESS but less than 10 books on relationships. And the result sheet came out similar to what I got in Yoruba WAEC about 23 years ago. I’m working on changing that now. I want to be better all round and not just in my career. At least I will try. In the meantime, I will start by finishing reading up the recently launched book by KINGSLEY OBOM-EGBULEM titled WHEN FISHES CLIMB TREES (available for order at https://bit.ly/2KOK3eR on Konga.com)

I’m tired. I need to take a day or 2 off and rest. Talking of rest, let me rest my briefcase here and call it a day. (I don’t even know if this ending makes sense Sha but it is what it is).