I woke up yesterday morning with the word CHAOS on my mind. The rain that fell the night before was nothing short of a storm. The morning after was so quiet and the atmosphere so cool. I grabbed my camera and decided to go for my early morning routine outside.

I had just rekindled my love for Macro Photography and thought it needful to find new ways to motivate myself while meditating. So yesterday was day 3 of my Macro photography adventures. To those who may not know, macro photography is the art of producing photographs of small items or subjects and making them larger than life size. For me, my inquisition into knowing the details of God’s tiny creatures led me into photographing insects.

The street was a mess. The rain had caused a mini flood that swept rubble and trash everywhere. I found myself in the midst of chaos. It was then the phrase jumped at me: IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS. I kept repeating it to myself while looking for what to photograph. After much patience, I was able to eventually photograph at least 5 small subjects. I eventually realized that if I was patient enough with eyes that see, I would be able to see BEAUTY in the midst of CHAOS.

The most interesting subject I took was the picture of a grasshopper (no, it wasnt the picture of the 2 houseflies). I had to come down to the level of the green grass and even looked crazy to a few people passing by. After a few minutes of staring at a green patch of weed, I was able to locate the seemingly chameleus (I hope there’s a word like that) grasshopper. Because the grasshopper was green, it was able to blend into the green weed and was unnoticeable to the naked eye except the eye was wearing PATIENCE glasses.

I realize that millions of us are going through an unprecedented and unplanned season of what seems chaotic. Actually it doesn’t seem chaotic, IT IS CHAOTIC. Many are unsure of where their next day/week/month resources will come from. Many have lost jobs. Many are stuck with abusive spouses. And for the very first time in a long while, many are confident of not knowing what the future holds.

My admonition today is for us to be optimistic. Truth be told, this message of optimism is for me. After my 30 minutes session of patiently photographing tiny subjects after the storm, I was reassured of the fact that there is BEAUTY in the midst of CHAOS. I’m still praying for eyes to see the opportunities that are available in this covid-19 era. I’m still patiently optimistic of the turnaround of my financial situation in this pandemic. I’m still optimistic that regardless of the millions of lives that have been adversely affected by Corona virus, ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF THEM THAT…..

Whatever the case may be, I chose to remain optimistic that God will open my eyes to see the BEAUTY and OPPORTUNITIES in the midst of the CHAOS.

By the way, if you can’t gift me my dream BMW 750i car, you can at least check out my growing collection of Macro photography on Instagram. The name to search for is @macro_africa. Do let me know what you think of the CHAOS, my macro photography or how my many epistles has impacted you (YES, YOU!!).