The first company I started upon my return to Nigeria in 2001 was called eBuy. The goal was to set up a company similar to the one I had partnered with – – in my company in America before my arrest. We were selling books mainly and our slogan was “everything edey”. I had a little experience prior to then on the importance of books in helping people stand out in whatever it is they wanted to achieve even if it had to do with understanding what life has to offer after the loss of a loved one due to Covid-19. Infact, I just recently discovered a DIVINE book on by Mega DEVINE (pun intended) that I’m looking forward to digesting: IT’S OK THAT YOU’RE NOT OK.

I had quite a number of customers then, 90% of whom were buying books that would help them pass some IT or educational/career exams. But very few bought books not because of an exam they were preparing for but just to be better at what they were doing. It is no coincidence that ALL of them are standing out in their fields today. Teju Babyface, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, Pastor Bolaji Idowu, Pastor Ayo Daniels and one of the our then-president speechwriters were among those that patronized my book business.

Looking back now it is interesting how far all the individuals that read bought AND read books have come. Truth be told, reading isn’t too important if you’re going NOWHERE. It really isn’t. But if you see yourself as the future official photographer of Jesus Christ when he returns to the earth to rule it for 1000 years…. If you see yourself as that photographer in the future, you will not hesitate to digest hundreds of books on psychology, photography and emotional intelligence so that you’ll be ready for the opportunity when it arrives. But then again, if NOWHERE is the destination, then READING isn’t too important.

One of the major excuses I’ve heard over the years why people don’t read is because they either don’t have the time or they’re not used to the habit. But when you ask them about their aspirations, everyone wants to hammer and succeed and be friends with Dangote, Bill Gates or Seun Akisanmi (when he becomes the official photographer to….).

For those that want to really be successful and stand out and would love to develop a reading habit but it’s becoming a herculean task, help is here. I recently came across a company that has an app – Scribd – that helps me play audio books. Costs $9 monthly but the benefits are out of this world especially when that comes with the opportunity to listen to as many books as Lagos traffic will allow you. Here’s my referral link for you to use to sign up so you can get the first 60 days free of charge. No, it isn’t a company I started but the benefit I get (apart from being fulfilled that I was instrumental in your success in life) is that the company will give me 1 free month for every one I sign up. You have nothing to lose and you can cancel on the 59.9999th day if you feel $9 is too much of an investment to make in your life because reading isn’t too important anyways.

Oh well, what do I know sef. Here’s the link for those that want to help themselves while simultaneously helping me.

(Come to think of it, I just remembered the SIMULTANEOUS EQUATION I was thought while in secondary school and I’m trying to figure out what I’ve used it for in my life since then. Anyways, that’s gist for another day).

For those that have pre-ordered my new book HOW NOT TO LEAVE, we’ll be sorted out by early July latest. We have a few publications snags we’re trying to resolve hence the delay. Please bear with me.

Thanks for taking out time & data out of your Sunday morning rituals to READ my writeup. If reading isn’t too important, there’s no need to take further action after reading this.

The END.