A few days ago, I had a meeting with the officials of a company interested in purchasing customized puzzles from the stables of Rezuna Crafts Africa. If the contract was to succeed, it would end up being my biggest deal in recent years. I needed the deal so badly that my brain was overheating from ideas to implement in order to ensure my proposal was aporoved. I was desperate, it seems.

After ironing my clothes and borrowing a perfume to match my corporate looks, I decided that my Acura MDX was not fitting enough to give me the impression of a successful man in the presence of the company executives. I had heard of tales of company executives escorting vendors to their cars in order to inspect the type of car that got the vendor there and if the vendor was deserving of the quotation submitted. I concluded that my Acura would not do me justice. Truth be told, this Acura was in ACCURAte condition and you would have considered me blessed and favored if you had seen me in it. But I wanted more. And the spirit of Oliver Twist possessed me.

I remembered my dad has a recent model luxury car he wasn’t using at the moment. I am not one given to impressing people with cars but I was desperate and needed the palliative funds from this contract to help soothe my ego, sorry, account balance.

The call to my father was a difficult one to make but I eventually dialed the 911 number. I usually don’t ask him for favors and when I do it is usually not more than twice a year. I asked if he would be kind to borrow me his car for a presentation I had with a client that morning. His first question was what was wrong with mine. I sounded like a child when I told him nothing was wrong with it and that I just wanted to make an impression in the hearts of the executives of the company. I felt foolish as soon as the words left my mouth. I felt more foolish as soon as his response passed through my ears and hit my heart.


He quoted that Bible verse as if he was waiting for me to call him and ask for the request. I didn’t hear my father speak to my heart. I heard my FATHER speak to my heart. And I was humbled. I realized I had gotten desperate to the point of desiring to go beyond what it took to…… I felt bad. At that point, I realized it was as if God was telling me that I wanted to win the contract with my STRENGTH instead of by his GRACE.


Why did he have to add that statement? I felt badder. I was lost in thought. Was it possible that I was beginning NOT to trust God for this deal. I got the keys to my dad’s car and headed for my appointment to see the company executives. I asked God to forgive me of my trespass of not trusting in HIM. To others it was nothing, but to my FATHER I knew I had erred somewhere.

I went for the meeting. I think they were impressed. I know they were. At the end of the day, the main executive didn’t come out to see the powerful car I drove to their company. I felt my Acura MDX was not enough to get me the deal and that was why I borrowed someone’s car for the presentation. I forgot I needed more of my FATHER’S favor more than I needed to borrow my father’s favorite BM……

I didn’t get an immediate feedback from the company. I’m hoping I get the deal. And even if I don’t get it, I’m hoping I’ve learnt my lesson that trusting in my FATHER’S backing & guidance is more important than trusting in my father’s cars and possessions.

This is a note to SELF to always remember that whenever I feel that my Acura MDX is not enough, I will remember that THE RACE IS NOT TO THE SWIFT NEITHER IS THE BATTLE TO THE STRONG.