It’s been almost 4 years that I was gifted a black Acura MDX suv. For the best part of 3.5 years of driving the vehicle, I experienced a jerking sensation that prevented me from exceeding 100km mark on the speedometer.

At one point, I thought the person that gave me the gift knew about the fault and decided to get rid of the ride by gifting it out. At one point I got 2 different mechanics to help check it out and attempt to repair the fault. At one point I eventually gave up on the jerking matter and accepted that it was my destiny not to exceed 100km while driving the powerful Acura MDX.

Recently, a shift happened. It was literally a SHIFT. For months now, I’ve been asking God regarding what next step I should take to help bring into fruition the future He had shown me. I’ve been struggling in some key areas of my life in the past few months and I needed clarity desperately. The clarity came some weeks ago.

While attempting to go on a ride with my Acura, I felt a strong urge to study the gear box very well. It occurred to me that ever since I’ve gotten the car, I had always driven it in Drive2. Interestingly, there was Drive1 all the way to Drive5 but I had only been driving in Drive2. Yes I know it is an automatic transmission vehicle and I assumed that once you put it on one gear, that should do the trick till you parked at your destination. I was wrong. I was deadly wrong.

That day I felt the urge to drive the suv the way I have never driven it before. I started with the lower gears and as I increased speed, I increased the gear. I was finally at Drive 4 and I realized that I did not experience any jerking as it neared the 100km bottleneck. It was an emotional moment for me knowing that I had been wrongly handling the vehicle all this while and thinking that it was the vehicle that was faulty and not my mindset.

That day I got the answers to the prayer I had been praying for months.

Up until now, you have been attempting to get to a level that can only be gotten to with new knowledge, information and revelation. Up until now, you’ve been attempting to drive at 100km using Drive2 but your vehicle has been jerking because Drive4 is the correct gear position that you ought to be on in order to cruise pass 100km. Up until now, you’ve struggled with that situation or person thinking it was the person/situation that had an issue.

In order to move to that new level, you cannot depend on the DRIVE that brought you thus far. You need to step up to a new DRIVE. The new drive may require you kneeling down on a dirty road to apologise to the wife of your youth. The new drive may require you to respect your husband more than your Man of God. The new drive may require you to apply for a Master’s program at Standford University or MIT even if you don’t have enough funds in your account now for the application form. The new level will require a new DRIVE. The new level will require a New YOU.

Some of us have been on this same jerking level for 2 years, 22 years or in some cases 222 Methuselic years. It is time to change drive. Enrol in that Masters program, go back to school, take that counseling course at ADI, get that new but needed education. Buy those books and start reading like your 100km destiny depended on it.

Though it may take you 1 to 3 years of grooming yourself in preparation for your future, your next 10 to 60 years will be grateful you made the investment NOW. Either you make the move now, or remain jerking on this level never to move beyond the speed limit that got you here.

A few days ago, I eventually found myself going on DRIVE5 (for the first time) in what would be the fastest I’ve ever driven in recent times. Each time I crossed the 100km mark (which was twice), I came across 2 fatal accidents (on 3rd Mainland bridge) that had just occurred moments before I got there. I slowed down and pondered on the fact that even when I get the knowledge that will catapult me to that next level of SPEED, I would still need to be very careful else I would end up killing myself or the destinies of millions of others prematurely.

I was supposed to have sent this message 3 days ago. The accidents I witnessed 2 days ago was a deadly reminder. But I’m glad I’m sending it today. This may not be for everyone but whoever has ears to hear and eyes to read, let him/her……..

Good morning great one.