As the girl approached him with her protruding stomach, it was obvious she was sick. It was her custom to beg for alms at that popular bus stop on Ikorodu road. As she reached out to ask for money, my friend had premeditated the response he would counter her requisition.

“Do you want money or can I pray for you to be healed of this sickness”

The girl was taken aback. It was obvious in her body language that no one had really asked her such a question. In the twinkl9of an eye, she seemed to know the immediate repercussion of what a healed stomach will bring to her: no more free money will be given her out of pity. She shook her head from left to right and after taking a few steps back, ran as fast as she could as if she had encountered a lion.

My friend was surprised. Is it not better that she be healed of this sickness that seemed to have troubled her for a few years than to be begging for money while using the sickness as an excuse? Who would prefer to be given money rather than be healed of their infirmity? Well, a Nigerian girl apparently would.

Like this girl, many have gotten used to being given money out of pity rather than desiring to be givers of value & impact to the society. We are quick to blame the government, family members, society, and the devil for our predicament with the subconscious desire that we would be pitied and eventually blessed with some money to temporarily or permanently ease our pain.

This new month, I admonish you to seek wholeheartedly for healing. Read books that will heal your finances, business, heart, friendships and life. Attend conferences that will ginger you to take steps that will eventually make you become a lender to nations rather than a borrower from nations. Don’t be like the girl that would run away from a solution that will give her a better chance of inspiring more people. Stop blaming any party apart from yourself for the condition you’ve gotten to. Take responsibility and take actionable steps that will get you from being someone who needs to beg to being a giver. The process will be painful but the legacy you’ll leave behind will be sweeter when told.

May this new month be filled with 30 days of actionable steps that you’ll take to make your life heaven on earth. Buy that book today even if it costs 20k (the implementation of the lessons in just a page of the book will bring returns that are more than the 20k you spent). Take that course today, even if it means traveling to Sambisa forest to network with experts in that area of expertise. Follow that mentor wholeheartedly the way Elisha followed Elijah until he got a double portion of…… Start that business today even if it means starting with the last N4500 in your account. And one more thing, stop buying Sharwarma of N2000 when your daily income is N400. Your future self will be grateful. Your country would be grateful. God will be grateful.

Have a great month.