Twas around 8pm or 9pm, I think. Not sure about the day. But I think I’m sure of the year: 1992. I had just been released from the hospital as a young boy after attempting suicide by taking a few pills of…… I was a troublesome child, the type that will make the biblical child look like a saint when compared to me. I had caused my parents much heartache. Different measures had been taken to try to cast the demons out of me. All failed.

And so my dad called me to his room. I can still remember his room filled with mirrors on the wardrobes. Twas the first time in my life I remember we both sat down facing each other to have a conversation. Other times, I was standing up while he sat down. This time was different. He seemed to want to talk man to man. And talk he did. I can’t remember the entire conversation but I remember it was short and I remember the words he started with: Kí Ni Mo Tún Lè Ṣe Fún Ẹ (What else can I do for you)?

I could see the pain in his eyes. It was obvious he had tried his best. And it would seem like he had failed as a father. But that night turned out to be the beginning of the rebirth of the new Seun Akisanmi.

Seun wept.

I cried to sleep that night. That was the first time I remember words hurt me more than the koboko and punishments I had consumed years prior. Words that came from the soul of a loved one. Words that meant he wanted me to help him help me.

Over 30 years and 80 million+ words later, I can tell you the impact TIME and WORDS have had on me as a person. I’m a living testimony to that. Four institutions have influenced me when it comes to my perspective, understanding and appreciation of words:

1) My parents library growing up. We actually had a reading room wit books that needed to be summarized after being read.
2) My university education at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. The English department of that university was instrumental in laying the foundation for my writing.
3) Jerry Jenkins. With over 200 books to his name and 75+ million in sales, this author’s books is the most I’ve read of any human being. After signing up for a mentoring program with him some years back, my use of words was not the same.
4) My friend Uzezi Adesite. She helped me to see the transformational value in my story and worked with me to put it into words my forthcoming book. I highly recommend you reach out to her on 234-9093929413 if you think you have a story that the world needs to read. And from what I know about the average person on earth, every 10 years you spend on this earth is enough to write at least one book. So if you’re 40 years old, guess what, you owe the world at least 4 books. My take.

I know you’ve waited for years for my forthcoming book – FROM PRISON TO PHOTOGRAPHY – and I can assure you it’s worthwhile. Trust me it is.

But this post isn’t mainly about what I’ve gone through or about how words have impacted my life. This writeup is a reminder for you to be careful about the words you utter about that loved one or that situation. People can change. Situations do change. Never think your child, parent, sibling or situation is too negative or critical to change positively. It isn’t. I’m a living testmony. I plead with you, don’t give up on that loved one. The least you can do is pray for them and confess positively over their lives. If a thief can have a last chance on the cross to spend his afterlife with Jesus, there’s hope for anyone. There is.

As you go into this new week, please be deliberate about the words of your mouth. As you go into the remaining part of the year, be careful about what you confess over you life. This is a reminder to self that people and situations can change for good. And sometimes that change starts when you ask that loved one that question from your heart: Kí Ni Mo Tún Lè Ṣe Fún Ẹ

Good morning great one. Have a glorious week.