Recently I’ve had a few people book sessions with me to ask about my counsel on an issue they’re facing in life and/or business. Some of the questions and issues that were raised had raised my eyebrows when I heard them. But one thing seem to be a common denominator in 7 out of 10 of the situations: many of us are lazy. Allow me to explain.

So many of us (I say US because I’m not excluding myself) pray for a certain breakthrough in our lives but are not prepared to pay the price or play our part. How can you be praying and fasting for long life and still be drinking those Coca-Cola or those other sugary drinks EVERYDAY? How? How can you be praying to be be rich like Elon Musk but you’ve not read 8 books this YEAR or attended any semibor or workshop or conference? How? It’s because you’re not a book person, right? No problem, KWANTINU.

How can you be desiring the next level in your business and you can be faithful to show up for the online prayer meeting at 6am but you’re not consistently showing up for your business from 8am till no closing time. How?

How can you desire to spend 30 minutes with Seun Akisanmi or Sam Adeyemi or Bishop Oyedepo or Bill Gates or Denzel Washington and you’ve not sat down to first meet with them in the books they’ve authored? Yet you want them to give you their undiluted attention for 30 minutes to answer the questions you could have easily gotten by investing in their resources. OK, forget about their books. Have you attended the seminars, workshops, or conferences where some of these people spoke this year? Have you invested time to attend their classes at the University of YouTube.

I eventually realized that most of us don’t honestly want to help ourselves. In the last 1 year, I’ve had a few people contact me to buy my book on the condition that I’ll have a 30 – 60 minutes session with them to answer their questions. Each time I’m quick to tell them that I no longer allocate time to people on such conditions except you’re paying me separately upfront for the session. You’re not getting my resources primarily to help my destiny. You’re doing yourself a favor more than me. If you don’t gerrit, forget…..

And so I found myself some days ago conversing with my Maker and ranting about why people behave like this. It was then I remembered a biblical prophet I so admire: Jeremiah. I tried to picture how the conversation between Jeremiah and God would have been like and I could literally see Jeremiah writing to the people of Nigeria, sorry, Israel, and saying the following:
“This saith the Lord to the household of the children of Nigeria, you’re just LAZY. You complain about almost everything and don’t realize that you need to put in your part to make the prophecy have nutrients to grow. You want to be billionaires but failed to realize how I’m watching you the way you’re mismanaging the little 2k daily allowance you’re earning from that job. You admire people in limelight without knowing the sacrifices they’ve made behind the scenes. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to work. Bring out the candles even when there’s no NEPA and get ready to read books. Empty your bank accounts and get ready to pay for those courses. For therein will your mind be renewed enough for the prophecy and prayers to be fulfilled. Thus saith the LORD, you’re just too Lazy. And if you fail to repent of your laziness, I will be faced with the option of calling you home before your time so that at least I’ll not be bothered about expecting anything from you on my earth. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

Thats how I pictured it in my head o. I wonder what God would have told bros Jeremiah to write in his Android phone if he was living in this age. I’m still wondering.

No spectacular way for me to end this. This is just a journal to self. Seun omo Akisanmi, groom yourself well in the back stage so that when you’re brought to the limelight, the intensity of the light will not make you fall for lack of strength in character and skill. And even if and when you fall, a righteous man who has prepared himself well will fall 7 times but will rise up again each time. And when you’ve done all these, you’ll eventually hear your Lord say “……well done my servant and my friend, enjoy the riches and wealth that was prepared for you before the foundations of the earth.”

Have a wonderful weekend. I celebrate you.

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