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It happened last week. A seemingly catastrophic event caught me unaware and I vowed not to take the lessons for granted. The pumping machine that I depended upon to supply water to my apartment suddenly stopped working and I was totally caught unprepared.

It was my neighbor that alerted me that the pumping machine was no longer pumping water. After a few years of being in service almost every day, it finally packed up. I wished it had given notice but it seems it was almost impossible to tell when such a vital equipment in one’s home will stop functioning. We would eventually go without water from the machine for almost 4 days and the lessons I learnt during those days would not be quickly forgotten.

You see, I had not prepared for such an unforseen occurrence and did not have a dependable reservoir that would last me for a week or two should in case we didn’t repair the machine on time. While attempting to get water I urgently needed from an outside source, my neighbor saw the unwritten need on my face and asked me if I would be interested in getting water from her reservoir. She was getting water from a 200 litre drum she had filled up for such a day as this one. I thanked her profusely while simultaneously thinking of this Joseph-like trait in her.

It was then it occurred to me. Many of us, myself being the leader of the pack, are not prepared for the day our pumping machines will pack up. By pumping machine, I’m referring to the source of income or livelihood that seems to be coming at an ease during this productive years of ours. Many of us admire the character of Joseph in the Bible but seem to forget that it was his ability to manage resources that helped him saved practically the entire earth during those days consequently increasing his worth in our minds when we remember him. Even Jesus instructed his board members to gather the crumbs after a particular session of feasting.

It got me thinking. How prepared am I for another rainy day. The pandemic broke the pumping machine of a lot of people and even though many seem to have recovered, we still are yet to learn from that experience. Or so it would seem.

One day, our pumping machine will stop pumping the water we need for our daily bread. Do we have enough stocked up to take care of ourselves and our families for the next 6 months to 7 years? It’s a question I ask myself frequently. Beyond believing God for provision, am I managing the resources I’m being entrusted with in a way that I would be lending out to nations when nations are in need of loans. Or would I be the nation that would be seeking for water from far away Egypt.

Yes I know what God cannot do does not exist, but then there is still a mandate He has entrusted unto me to manage and invest well the 2 talent he has given me till He returns.

Eventually the pumping machine was repaired and no one told me to fill up all the barrels in my home with water so that I would not be caught unaware again when such an occurrence reoccurs. And trust me, one day it will stop working again. The question is whether I’ll have enough in my storehouse to last me through that season of……

The things I learn from the things that happen around and to me. This particular lesson, I will not quickly forget. One day, my pumping machine will stop pumping. What legacy would I have left in my house, family or nation when that day comes? I have begun writing the script. I encourage you to do the same.