(I wrote this note about 6 weeks ago while on an assignment to Dubai & feel the time to share it with you guys is now)So my mind was literally blown away today. Really. At one point sef I think I got overly emotional. So here’s a summary of the gist.Last year I made it a mandatory goal to ensure I travel for vacation/education/MINDSET UPGRADE. I visited Dubai for the first time and like they say, my life was never the same. Well, I decided that I didn’t have enough of Dubai and eventually found myself there again as at this moment. Truth is my goal wasn’t to even do a writeup on this now (as you would have noticed my writeups have reduced lately) but I just couldn’t hold it anymore. Guys, pls make it a mandatory something to travel outside your Domain and be inspired by how other people do things.Earlier today, I made a trip to the desert in Dubai and was inspired afresh seeing how corn was roasted. You see, growing up, I had always seen how the average roadside corn roaster roasts her corn. And then I met this guy that uses a blower to accelerate the corn-roasting process. I swear, I almost cried. Wait, I think I cried. I don’t even remember sef. All I know is that the thing shook me.It shook me because for over 35 years I had known ONLY one major way of roasting corn and even believed that there was no other way for it to be made. And then I met this guy. Afterwards, I asked myself if there are areas of my life that I’ve been going through unnecessary hardwork instead of using a *blower* to help *roast the corn* in my life. Truth is too many of us are having challenges because of a decision that we either made or has been made for us. And yes I know there’s a possibility of village people and ancestral curses and bad belle people and Nigerian factor and….. But is it possible that there’s an inspirationally creative & differently better way to do that thing and get MORE results, more profit? Is it possible to run my photography business in a creatively different way and still be profitable even though it has seemingly turned to pure water business? Is it possible to live at peace with my fellow people even if our backgrounds are seemingly opposite?IS IT POSSIBLE?That’s the question I asked myself when I watched this guy roast 5 corn in less than 60 seconds and a total of over 500 in less than 2 hours. And that would eventually be the most expensive corn I would eat in my entire life. One corn goes for the equivalent of N1k. Read the last sentence again.Anyway, I realize we have intelligent and enlightened people here who may argue that there’s no need to travel to be inspired. As for me all I can say is this, abeg if you have the means, try to visit a country outside Nigeria. You can start with Togo. Infact, you can even go to Benin Republic in the morning and come back in the evening. Of course if you can afford farther countries, don’t hesitate but by all means travel and give yourself and inspirational break from the way you’ve been doing things.I sense that there are things we would learn and would do differently if we open our minds and let God flexibly mould it to achieve more through Him on this earth.Anyway, what do I know sef. I’m just a guy here to research on what it takes to stand out and be the tallest building amongst all buildings on earth… and here I am taking life notes from a corn seller who made over 500k in 2hrs….. May the blood of Jesus and all the communion I’ve taken till now not go to waste o.Just thought I bare my heart to my fellow oga entrepreneurs. But please, if you’ve not been to Dubai and you’re in this group, pls try your very best to go before end of next year na. If Jesus was doing his ministry on earth physically now, I think even Him sef go visit Dubai before Judas betrays him. I rest my briefcase.Below is the video of the experience. Let me know what you think.#seunakisanmi