It’s no longer breaking news the impact this Corona virus has had on economies of nations all over the world. Millions have lost jobs and loved ones as a direct or indirect result of the pandemic. So I was chatting with a colleague this morning and her response to my greetings got me thinking. I asked how she was doing and she told me WE’RE SITTING AT HOME WAITING FOR ALL THESE TO BE OVER. I smiled in Chinese.

What if this doesn’t get over for the next 6 months. What if this becomes the new normal for the next 2 years? What if version 2 of the virus is uploaded on 20-5-2020 and many eventually download it wirelessly? In a way, I understood my friend and in another way I found her response mibd-boggling. Allow me to explain.

If indeed many of us have defined ourselves by the recently savvy and overused word ENTREPRENEUR, then this is the time to arise and show forth our entrepreneurial skills. Most of the entrepreneurs that we admire today started their sojourn because a challenge existed and they proferred a solution that eventually made them wealthy and famous.

It’s time to put aside most of the courses or education you’ve gotten pre-covid19 and rethink EVERYTHING. The new normal way of thinking should involve thinking outside the box. Wait a minute, there’s no longer any box because Covid-19 has carried it away. So think as if there’s no BOX.

If you’re a photographer and the ONLY thing you’re marketing now is your logo and pictures, it may be more helpful if you give people a reason why they NEED to hire you amidst the plenty emergency needs in this season. And if you’re an event photographer that depends on a living from covering only events, it’s time to rethink EVERYTHING. If you’re an interior designer, makeup artist, hair dresser, barber (and any other pre-covid19 regular careers), it’s time to rethink everything. You should realize that you’re first a business person, sorry ENTREPRENEUR, before you’re a photographer. Well, that’s if you believe you’re really an entrepreneur ọ.

I may not be able to provide a 7 SECRETS TO THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX IN A PANDEMIC, but my advice is for you to stretch your brain and mind and spirit and do whatever it will take to rethink EVERYTHING. Even if it means you have to go on a 6.5 days fasting and prayer for your entrepreneurial destiny, please do.

I started out as a photographer and I’m presently in the gaming industries providing puzzles for families. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still into photography. It’s just that I don’t want to repeat the same mistake Kodak management made when they rejected Steven Sasson’s admonition to go into the digital photography industry.

If it means going out there to start mass producing face masks, please don’t be shy ọ. And even if you have to start selling pure water or ewa agoyin or Zobo that is fortified with Covid-19-killing vitamins, please do whatever it takes to rethink EVERYTHING. Even if you start a new venture and fail, at least you would have lost little compared to just SITTING AT HOME WAITING FOR ALL THESE TO BE OVER. You may end up waiting longer than you thought or prayed for.

7 years ago, I was privileged to be in meeting with one who had worked closely with Aliko Dangote. I was told that for any venture Dongote wanted to venture into, he always considered 3 scenarios: the worst, best and normal case scenarios. And most of the time, even his worst case scenario was still good enough for him to consider the venture. I admonish you to consider this strategy. The worst case scenario of you rethinking EVERYTHING is that you will…..

You know what, I’ve said enough. Let me go and continue marketing the customized puzzles that I’ve started manufacturing for families who need to bond at home and make good use of their time. While I’m on this entrepreneurship topic, you can still order for ebook or paperback copies of my entrepreneurial adventures: TEARS OF A HUNGRY NIGERIAN ENTREPRENEUR. The paper back goes for N4k and the ebook goes for N2k. But in the bid to rethink EVERYTHING, whatever price you offer to pay for whichever version of the book will be OK by me (offer valid for first 50 orders and ends by May 31, 2020). It will be a good way to start your journey to rethinking EVERYTHING. Enough said. You’re welcome.